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Please feel free to join us either for our live service webcast at the link below or check out our archives for pertinent and life changing messages from our Pastor and guest speakers. Service consist not only of traditional messages but also of skits and parodies of past famous preachers and bible characters done not just in attire of that day but also with dialect and time specific props and items to make the message “hit home” and more understandable. You may see and hear Moses talk about the difficulties of leading 5 million people in the desert and how that may apply to us today or maybe Isaiah talking about so of the strange ways God had him minister to the people and what those mean and why they speak to us today and our life. You may see guest speakers who hav spent most of their adult life in some far away place without the comforts of our world today explain how and why they do it and how can we be a part of their journey and why we should.

We are a community , people oriented church who hopes to make a difference not only here to those immediately around us but also to those in our nation in need and those globally who have needs and do not know of God and His Son Jesus and their gift and promises to us.

Hopefully these webcast will help you feel part of our body of believers even thou you are not present in body. Hopefully they will answer questions and help fill needs in Your life.

For information on upcoming events and activities see our Activities and Events page.


There are also a good selection of archived services for past Sundays available for your viewing. Please visit and sample our services


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