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Welcome to our weekly bible quiz page. Just write your answers to the questions and your name on a piece of paper and place it into the box in our foyer marked Website Quiz for an entry in our monthly drawing. One entry per week/quiz on the honor system. If you want to mail an entry in just send to the church address and mark it Website Quiz and include your mailing address and we will place it in for you.

Earn one entry by simply completing a google review CLICK HERE TO REVIEW of the website and write review and your name on your entry for the box. Once again on the honor system one entry per week/quiz


For good bible exercise try reading the entire book of 1Timothy and then answer the questions from memory. Then go to the appointed chapters to check you answers and see how much you retained of what you read.

Question 1 What did Paul instruct Timothy to charge the Ephesians? 1Timothy Chapter 1

A Teach no other doctrine
B Read this epistle to all the brethren
C Reprove, rebuke and exhort
D That they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel
E Not live unto themselves, but unto Him who died for them

Question 2   Who is the law for? 1Timothy Chapter 1

A  For the Jews
B For the lawless and disobedient
C For the ungodly and sinners
D All of the above
E B & C

Question 3 What qualifications were given for a bishop that were NOT required for a deacon? 1Timothy Chapter 3

A Blameless
B Husband of one wife
C Given to hospitality
D Not greedy of filthy lucre
E Rules his house well

Question 4 But godliness with ___________ is great gain. 1Timothy Chapter 6

A Contentment
B Patience
C Love
D Faith
E Hope

Question 5 What was Timothy instructed to avoid? 1Timothy Chapter 6

A Oppositions of science falsely so called
B Philosophy
C Psychology
D Foolish and unlearned questions
E Them which cause divisions



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